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Career Report

Career Report

Each day we have conflicting thoughts on our mind in which some decisions needs to be taken. At all such moments taking a crucial decision need some help or guidance. Astrology through the uncanny technique of prashna guides you through this maze of uncertainties called life. Is it a moment of crisis, and you need to take an immediate decision? Is it a business situation that requires prompt action or a personal crisis in which you require guidance as soon as possible. Consult The Grand Master of 'Ask a Question'.

Requirements for this product

The question should be specific and from one horoscope only. You should not ask "How will be my future in the next five years" or "How will I fare in my job in the next one year" etc.

Package Cost and Payment details

The cost of this report is INR 2500. Payments are accepted via Credit Cards, NetBanking, PayPal or Indian Rupee Demand Drafts/Cheques. Reports will be delivered to the email address provided within 24-48 hours from receipt of payment.

If you are already taken membership. Please login to avail of offer report just in INR 800.

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