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Mission Statement: The whole purpose of this website is to give information that other astrology websites are lacking. I want to give information that all the 'true' astrology lovers, learners and seekers are looking for. You won't find your daily, weekly or yearly horoscope here, which are dime-a-done, what you will find on my astrology website is a pathway to knowing thyself. You will find information that you need to know and you should know.

Astrology is not a myth or belief, it's pure science which is helping people from thousands of years. This is life giving science which guides us for a better and problem free life. The main aim of Astro Decoder is spreading of this divine science and giving proper guidelines to youth. Current generation youth suffering with so many issues like, education, career, marriage, etc. With the help of Astrology one can learn which is good to him and what he can do for a better life. Astrology can help to choose proper career, perfect match and healthy life. To help people who are suffering with lack of guidelines and confidence, this website started many free and paid Astrology services and remedial services.


Astrology @ The Speed of Light is the constitution of astrology. The laws provided in this book are not governed by the hypothetical knowledge of the blur past, but sold, and grounded laws of physics. The old astrology that has been plaguing the entire world on useless books and websites about daily

I must say I was quite amazed after Astro Decoder did my birth chart. He picked up on so many fine details of my life from my childhood till present with a very unique inner understanding which I feel is lacking in most of today’s astrologers. You are a very lucky person if you have found his website as you will finally find all of the answers you have been seeking and with Astro Decoder help your life will be blessed many times over, his contributions to astrology will receive wide acclaim as many peoples lives will be changed for the better."

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